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I am Shrinivas Chatla, Founder and Managing Director of D-Rash Online Services Private Limited.

D-RASH is the brand owned by D-Rash Online Services Private Limited. The company is a new start-up started its operations in May 2017. Alongside with me, my wife Ms. Rama Chatla, Director – Operations and Supply Chain Management is also the founding member of the company.

It’s during the 3rd week of May 2015, myself and Rama were thinking of starting something of our own but were clueless of what business we should get in. With our thinking caps ON, Rama came up with an idea of utilizing the artist inside of me as I was good in designing and creative writing. We researched and found out the best way to put designs and creativity at one place and that is on the T-Shirts which people can look around and admire. That’s how the birth of an idea took place and the D-Rash Online Services Private limited came into existence.

Company Vision and Philosophy

We are a company of CREATIVE DESIGNERS and you can also be part of it. We aim to provide you the best quality designed T-shirts. We are passionate about our designed T-shirts and are very much excited to let you know about this. Our idea is simple: Whatever the thoughts you want to convey to the World, its best conveyed by putting up your thoughts on T-shirt and design creatively so as to convey the message.

On the other hand, we have a very strong vision and desire, and that is to be a “HELPING HAND”. We are here to create entrepreneurs who can convert their great designing skills into business of their own. Design your own world of thoughts on T-shirts, fix your price and sell through your social channels.

Also, 1% of every T-Shirt sold will go towards the betterment of Children education, Health and Safety as a part of our corporate social responsibility.

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